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We sell and fit tyres - call us now on 07540831555

New Tyre Fitting and Tyre Balancing

It is rare to suffer alloy wheel damage without also suffering damage to your tyres. Even if you somehow do manage to avoid damage at first, warped or misaligned wheels will often cause excessive or uneven tyre wear. In fact, many drivers only discover that they need wheel repair when they go for tyre fitting, and are advised of it by their local garage mechanic.

Because these two problems often occur together, Leeds Alloy Wheels offers tyre fitting and balancing as well. You might as well get it all done at once, after all.

In fact, many of our customers come to our Heckmondwike service centre just for tyre fitting and balancing. Not only are our prices as good (or better) than any you will find in the area, we will be happy to check your wheels of cracks, buckles or other damage whenever you come in for a tyre fitting or balancing, free of charge. And of course if we do discover any damage, malformation or corrosion, we can make your alloy wheels as good (and as safe) as new at a much lower cost than simply replacing them.

If new tyre fitting is all you need, we can still help. Leeds Alloy Wheels keeps a wide stock of tyres, and more specialised tyres can usually be had with just a phone call, often delivered the same day.

We stock:

  • Performance Tyres
  • Touring Tyres
  • Winter and all weather tyres
  • Commercial tyres
  • 4x4 SUV tyres
  • General use tyres


Please call ahead if you know you’ll need something special or unusual. We have several regular suppliers, and one of them will usually be able to have just what you need on the next lorry out.



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