Tyre Pressure Problems

Low Tyre Pressure  

Tyre pressure

If you are losing tyre pressure and you have had your tyres recently checked for damage or recently changed to new tyres, and you are still losing air, but you can't figure out why. It’s most likely going to be down to 1 of these 3 reasons. 

  • Cracked Alloy Wheel 
  • Buckled Alloy Wheel 
  • Corroded Alloy Wheel 
Cracked Alloy Wheels -  If you are experiencing a very slow loss in tyre pressure, chances are you have a hairline fracture on the inside of your wheel, the crack is often that small its missed at the tyre centre. These cracks can be repaired by specialist wheel welders using TIG welding. 

Buckled Wheels - Normally an almost instant deflate of your tyre but in some cases the wheel can be slightly bent so the wheel does not fit correctly on the tyre bead resulting in a slow loss of pressure. Most wheels can be bent back into shape with a wheel straightening machine.


Corroded Alloy Wheels - Wheels which are over 5 years old start to suffer from paint corrosion, usually starting on the inside of the wheel, once the paint has bubbled or started to flake the tyre will not seal fully on the bead, causing a deflate within days to a week.  The solution is to have your wheels fully refurbished, with a complete chemical strip and blast to remove paint or corrosion. Then the entire wheel completely powder coated.   


Car Tyre pressure - Should be checked once a week, to make sure you have the correct tyre pressure Kwik Fit offer a free tyre pressure check and a car tyre pressure chart.  The right tyre pressure is a vital part of your vehicle saftey checks, tyre pressure effects braking distance, the wrong pressure will increase the wear and tear of your tyres.