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Diamond cut alloy wheel refurbishment process

Professional Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repair 

Diamond cutting wheel repair

Have your alloy wheels lost their shine? Can you see deep scratches or cracks on the surface? No problem! Our specialists can easily reproduce the original factory finish with the help of diamond cut wheel repair and refurbishment. The process is very precise and takes a lot of time. It is impossible to perform by yourself as this type of polishing requires the use of a special lathe. You can drop off your wheels at our depot or order a pick-up and delivery service. Whichever option you choose, we guarantee that your wheels and tyres will never get lost and will return to you in the prime condition. To ensure that, we always mark the items before placing them on the rack.

What is a diamond cut refurbishment?

The diamond cutting process involves removing a very thin layer of the alloy from the wheel using a lathe. Why do that? Because initially, the surface of the wheel is very smooth. Without stripping, no lacquer will ever be able to hold on to it. Diamond cutting, on the contrary, prepares the surface for polish and makes the finish last much longer. However effective, you cannot subject your wheels to diamond cut alloy repair and refurbishment more than 2-3 times. Removing too many layers will leave the surface too thin and make it prone to cracks.

What is the diamond cut wheel repair, refurbishment process?

  1. We remove the tyres using professional equipment.
  2. We mark the tyres and wheels with matching ID numbers to avoid mix-ups.
  3. We use a special jet machine to clean your alloy wheels from dirt and grit.
  4. We de-grease the surface.
  5. We place the wheel into the lathe for high-precision cutting focusing on damaged spots.
  6. We move the wheel into the pressure-controlled oven to remove any air out of the alloy.
  7. We apply a layer of lacquer to protect your wheels from wear and tear.
  8. We let your alloys cool for about 20-30 minutes.
  9. We carefully inspect the surface to make sure the finish is even and matches our high standards.
  10. We refit your tyres, check the pressure, and balance the wheels.

Diamond cut alloy wheel refurbishment cost

So what is a diamond cut wheel?  Do I have them on my car? How can I tell?

The answer to the first question is that they look superb when new which is why the leading manufacturers like BMW, Volkswagen, Audi and Mercedes fit them as standard on their top of the range cars.  Expensive cars and expensive wheels equal good looks.

You can still have alloy wheels on your car that are not Diamond cut and the finish on those would be powder coated or spray painted, which still look very good and are cheaper to maintain if they get damaged by kerbs or rough roads.  Diamond cut wheels are refurbished by putting them on a machine that has a diamond tipped cutter as the wheel spins on the machine the cutter takes of fractions of millimetres until all the damage is removed leaving the wheel looking as new as when it was made.  It would then be treated with a lacquer to protect the alloy from corrosion.

This method is more expensive than painting due to the cost of the machine and the training of the operative.   If the profile of the wheel is not mapped out correctly by a skilled operative, too much of the face of the wheel can be cut off rendering the wheel unsafe. Another factor is how polished the wheel looks if the alloy wheel is not cut correctly you may have a dull effect or have deep grooves in the cut.   A finished diamond cut wheel will have two tones and look like a design masterpiece giving any type of car a prestigious makeover.

Design and aesthetics come at a price and inconvenience, durability is an issue and cost of repairs start at £85.00 - £120.00 per wheel depending on the size of your wheel and the extent of the damage. Presumably, if you can afford a top of the range car you can afford to wheel maintenance however lots of lease cars have Diamond cut wheels and insist on them being in factory condition when they are returned so you may find yourself at the end of your lease with a hefty bill for Diamond cut wheel refurbishment.  Alternatively, you can have the repairs done yourself which should cut down the costs.

The other downside of repair is that most new cars do not carry a spare wheel so this would mean leaving your car with the garage for at least 48 hours which would be easier if you had more than one wheel done.

With Diamond cut wheels becoming so popular there are many more specialists now who can accommodate leaving your car with them while they do the work on the wheels but good ones are usually booked up a week or two in advance you don’t leave it until the last minute.

It is very difficult to tell if your car has Diamond cut wheels if you are not a professional but there are some tell-tale clues if you look closely, the wheel will have a two tone effect and if you may see the fine lines where it has turned on the machine and been cut


The best diamond cut alloy wheel repair in Leeds area

We provide our services in Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Huddersfield, and Dewsbury. Choose a branch closest to you, drop off your car, and let us handle the rest. Not sure whether diamond cut alloy repair and refurbishment services can help you? Take a close-up photo of your wheels, email it to us at [email protected] and get an expert opinion and a quote. Make your wheels shine again!

Diamond cut wheel refurbishment

Diamond Cutting is a premium service that offers the finest finish for your Alloy Wheels. The precision cut applied to the rims removes only what is required. The process involves cleaning your alloys wheels using a specialist jet machine which removes all dirt, tar, and grit. Once clean, the surface of the wheel is precision cut on a lathe to leave a high cut shiny finish. The wheel is then completed by coating the rim with a scratch-proof lacquer. At this stage, the alloys are carefully quality checked by our technicians to ensure it meets our high standards of finish. The tyres are then refitted, inflated to the correct pressure and rebalanced.

Diamond cut alloy wheel repair

 The diamond cut wheel repair process

The Diamond cut wheel refurbishment process - we carry out in our refurbishment centre uses the latest state of the art machinery, all located on site, ensuring we can offer not only a quality service but a speedy turnaround too.

Once your diamond cut wheels arrive at our depot (you can drop them off, or we can collect and deliver) the tyres are removed using a specialist machine. Your tyres are marked for identification and stored on our racks. Your alloys will also be marked with a matching ID number.

Preparation - Your diamond cut alloys are prepared in a special machine which cleans and keys the alloy. Using this machine is quicker than more traditional methods and produces a better surface result. Your alloy is then de-greased.

CNC - Cutting
– The wheel is placed into the lathe for precision cutting, this pinpoints the exact locations of the damage. Once the data has gone through the machine, the Diamond Cutting process starts by slowly and gradually coming closer and closer to the alloy, cutting off an incredibly thin layer of the metal. The machine spins the alloy at very high speeds with a rotary cylinder that holds the alloy in place. On the end of the machine, an incredibly precise sharp blade is located which has an electric mechanism beneath it for the machine to slide in and out smoothly, assuring the alloy is not damaged by the high-speed cutting of the blade.

CNC Lathe diamond cutting alloy wheels

Lacquering and Into the Oven - The wheel then moves into our state of the art oven, which is a pressure controlled environment closed off from the rest of the refurbishment centre. Specially ventilated, the spray oven is used to apply dual layers of lacquer immediately after cutting, to protect your alloy wheels against wear and tear.

Cooled and Checked - The alloys take about 20-30 minutes to cool, and then they are carefully inspected by a technician to ensure the finish is perfect.

QC - All alloy wheels pass through a thorough quality control check to ensure they have met our minimum standards before replacing your tyres and balancing the wheels.

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