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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Perfect alloy wheel factory refurbishment 

We provide alloy wheel refurbishment for all types of alloy wheels. Not only can we deal with corrosion, scratch marks, scuffs and cracks, we can manage a complete colour change whilst we’re at it.

Express alloy wheel refurbishment for emergencies and hire cars The costs assessed by car hire companies for curbing or wheel damage of any kind to their vehicles is often far beyond reason, especially if you didn’t take out extra insurance! If you have damaged the alloy wheels of a hire car, we can arrange special express service that will allow you to get it back to the company on time, and with no damage to explain or pay for. Better still, we charge substantially less for alloy wheel refurbishment than they will!

We refurbish alloy wheels to like-new (or better than new) condition!

Alloy wheel refurbishment costs less than replacement, yet delivers like-new looks and safety. If your wheels are looking old, corroded or pitted, allow wheel refurbishment is by far the most efficient option.

Alloy wheel refurbishment process

Leeds Alloy Wheels offers full factory alloy wheel refurbishment, not just a touch up. First, we will bead blast the wheels (if necessary) and sand them down. Next, we build the wheel back up by adding coats of primer until each wheel is perfect. Lastly, we spray each wheel with factory-matching lacquer or your choice of many new, custom colour potions and oven bake them for a ‘just came out of the factory’ finish.

Jaguar wheel refurbishment

Jaguar wheel before refurbishment

 Chrome alloy wheel refurbishment 

Chrome alloy wheels are problematic and do suffer from corrosion as seen below but we have a solution instead of throwing your alloy wheels away we can bring them back to life with bespoke factory finish. Leeds alloy wheels special techniques in wet spray and alloy wheel refurbishment can repair the damaged wheels, using high build prime system building a smooth factory finish.  The photos below show the stages of chrome alloy wheel refurbishment through wet spray.

Chrome alloy wheel repair

 Chrome Alloy wheel primed

 Gloss black wheel refurbishment

Wet spray wheels vs Powder Coated wheels

We use powder coating for our diamond cut wheel refurbishments, due to the diffculties lacquer has sticking to a polished metal surface, powder coat lacquer sticks better due to the high temperature the wheels are cured at. Heating wheels up to high temperatures does not agree with all alloy wheels, in extreme cases it can weaken wheels, if the powder coating oven is set too high or wheels are baked for too long. This is one of the risks you take if you were to use a cheap powder coating to refurbish your wheels.  The benefits of powder coating wheels vs wet spray wheel refurbishments is low cost, some but not all powder coating wheel refurbishing companies will not spend the time preparing the wheels correctly, which leads to problems with pitting or paint not sticking to the wheels.  A large majority of our customers  have made the mistake of using a cheap powder coaters only to have their wheels refurbished again less than 4 months down the line.  



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