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Buckled wheel repair service

Buckled wheel repair call for express service - 07540831555 or Email Buckled alloy wheels are no laughing matter.

They are very expensive to replace, yet few shops have the equipment or expertise to repair them correctly. Worse yet, buckled wheel repairs that have been completed improperly leave the wheel weak and prone to fail even under normal use.The good news is that safe and effective buckled wheel repair is right on your doorstep, with Leeds Alloy Wheels. We have the trained buckled wheel repair technicians and custom designed equipment needed to make these repairs properly, and at a much lower cost than replacement – truly a win-win situation.

Buckled Wheel Repair - How Is It Done? The exact process varies, depending on the type and extent of damage done to your wheel. Some wheels only require the heating, hydraulic pressing, and heat tempering required by bent or warped wheels. Other types require more extensive work. If there are cracks or chips of metal missing, nothing will restore their lost strength but aluminium welding and reshaping. The most important aspect of the repair process is that you get a wheel that is as strong – and as attractive – as it was fresh from the factory, all at a much lower price than a full replacement. Leeds Alloy Wheels is one of the leaders in providing buckled wheel repairs of this kind.

Leeds Alloy Wheel repair has not only the most advanced wheel straightening machines, but the skilled technicians needed to make your wheels like new. 

Your car wont pass the MOT with a buckled wheel, we offer a express wheel repair service

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Do You Need Alloy Wheel Straightening?

Have you recently hit a pothole, or worse one of the sinkholes that seem to be popping up out of nowhere, you can probably remember the unpleasant crunch sound as your wheel rim hit the road surface. Sometimes it is enough to replace your tyre, but sometimes it is not.

If you have recently started to feel shaking or vibration as you drive, especially at high speeds, you may have warped, damaged or deformed wheels. Another sign of wheel damage is excessive tyre wear, especially if not merely along the centre or edges (which may indicate high or low tyre pressure). If you have noticed either of these issues, consider alloy wheel straightening – it will improve the ride and safety of your vehicle, and extend the life of your tyres substantially.

The Alloy Wheel Straightening Process

Alloy wheel straightening starts with heating the affected wheel to a very high temperature, then using a specialised hydraulic rig to force it back into the proper shape. Once the wheel is returned to the correct shape it must be heat treated once again to return its strength and rigidity. Only then is the alloy wheel heat treating process complete.


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