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Alloy wheel welding

Even though alloy wheels are not prone to breaking, there is still a chance they can crack or deform as a result of improper driving. In the event you’ve noticed a crack on your alloys, we highly recommend you to repair it in the shortest time possible. We are the leading provider of alloy wheel repair services. Our experts are always here for you, ready to assess your alloy wheel for cracks, kerb damage, stress fractures or any other defects. Our primary mission is to fix you cracked wheels in the shortest time possible so that you can safely drive your car.

What makes us stand out from the crowd is the fact that we provide cracked wheel repair services and fix most types of alloy wheels defects in less than 1hr service. When dealing with us, you can rest assured you are going to get first-class cracked alloy wheel repair services at a reasonable price.

Why cracked wheel repair is critical for your vehicle:

Remember, driving on a cracked rim is dangerous and can affect the driving performance of a tire. Besides, it can also cause a blowout. The moment you notice the signs of a cracked alloy, pull over and asses the situation as fast as possible. There is no need to spend tons of money on new wheels. Instead of replacing your cracked alloy wheels with new ones you better have them repaired. We guarantee once they are repaired and refinished they will look just like new. Professional cracked alloy wheel repair is a great way to return your wheels back to normal condition without spending a lot of money.

Wondering how to spot a crack? Well, this one is easy. As practice shows, usually cracks are discovered only when the slow puncture is seen. Checking your tire pressure on a regular basis is another great idea — if the air is going quicker than usual there is a high chance you may have a crack that is not visible to the eye. And if spotting a crack seems to hard for you, then you may simply pop your vehicle down to Leeds Alloy Wheel Repair, and we will check it for you.

Cost-effective alloy wheel repair that won’t break your wallet

Our company is committed to providing clients with a convenient and affordable cracked wheel repair services. Currently, we serve the following areas:

  • Leeds
  • Bradford
  • Wakefield
  • Huddersfield
  • West Yorkshire

Our alloy wheel repair professionals are fully trained experts. In our practice, we use the latest technology to repair cracked alloy wheels. Another advantage of choosing us is that the cost of cracked alloy wheel repair is relatively low and most car owners can afford wheel refurbishment services we offer. And as it was mentioned above, repair services we provide can be performed in just one day.

Stage 1    Stage 2   Final stage
Stage 1 cracked alloy wheel weld preparation   Stage 2 cracked alloy wheel cleaned and ready for welding   Stage 3 Finished weld on the cracked alloy wheel after the weld has been cleaned

How to repair a cracked alloy wheel

Alloy wheels can be welded within 24hrs sometimes even a day, we can collect the wheel with the tyre on if need be.

Cracked alloy wheels are a common problem on larger rims, cracks or hairline fractures on BMW alloys is even more common possibly due to run flat tyres, often the cracks are discovered when a slow puncture is discovered on your MOT,  cracks can be repaired and still keep the strength and integrity of the wheel. Specialist welders can weld the alloy wheel for cracks, stress fractures or kerb damage or any other defects such as large chunks missing. Stage 1 of the process is to grind out both sides of the crack or hairline fracture. This is to get rid of any contamination so the weld will be perfect. Stage 2 is to weld both sides of the alloy wheel, some weld repairs often do one side which makes the wheel weak, once the weld is done on both sides, it is as strong as a new wheel.  Stage 3 is to grind the weld down so it doesn't damage the inside of the tyre. 

Cracked Alloy wheel TIG weld repair