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Alloy Wheels Refurbished

Corroded alloy wheels

Are your alloy wheel corroded?

A telltale sign is that you start to loose tyre pressure on your wheels, this is due to the paintwork being corroded on the part of the wheel, where the tyre seals.  The correct wheel repair solution is to strip the alloy wheel back and build back up with a high build prime system, we do this to make sure the wheel is smooth and has no pitting so the tyre seals properly.

Alloy wheels which have corrosion can still be refurbished to bring back to a factory finish, wheels will have a fine bead blast to take away paint and bring back to a finely smoothed finish before, primer is applied, depending on how on each wheel we will add as many coats of primer as needed to get the wheel perfect again. Below are some Smart Brabus wheels each stage is shown in the wheel refuirbishment process. This refurbishment shows a wet spray finish. 

Brabus wheel before 1st Stage 

 Smart Brabus wheel 2nd stage 

 Brabus wheel 3rd stage primer coats applied

 Brabus wheel final stage below - 

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