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Alloy Wheel Refurb vs Mobile Wheel Repair

A Guide to alloy wheel refurbishments and Mobile Alloy Wheel Repairer’s

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Wheel refurbishmentsAre a complete strip of the wheel, remanufactured back to a factory finish using chemicals to strip the wheels, bead blasting and alloy wheel powder coating. With an average turnaround of 48hrs.

Often used as a solution for corroded alloy wheels which are leaking air pressure from the tyre, or have heavily curbed wheels. Once refurbished the wheel paint will last for at least 2 years without corrosion, depending on what type of car cleaning products you use. 

Always advisable to stay away from acid wheel cleaning products. The best alloy wheel cleaning products do not have acid as the main active ingredient. For extra protection ceramic coatings can be applied to your wheels after a refurb.

 Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Kit

 Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair 

Mobile wheel repairs or smart repairs are a quicker repair which deal with the cosmetic face of the wheel only, not the full wheel refurbish, you get when a wheel has its tyres removed and has full strip and repaint. 

Alloy wheel repairer’s will be able to do this at your home or place of work within a day, for a lower price than full wheel refurbs. If your car is a lease car or you are looking to sell the car it makes financial sense to have smart repair instead of complete wheel refurbishments

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